Tips for Choosing the Best Health Career For You

With literally of dozens of different career paths to choose from in the health care industry, it’s only natural that you might be confused when trying to decide which one might be best for you. Here are some important things to consider while making this all important decision:

  • How much training will you need? Different careers can vary from as little as 6 months of training to as much as several years. This comes along with a wide range of costs, from a few hundred to many hundreds of thousands of dollars. Before you jump into something you should understand how long it will take and how much it will cost you before you can get started at your new job.
  • The nature of the work. Different health careers involve different levels of patient interaction in different environments. Some jobs are purely administrative and focus on an office setting, while others are hands on and involve working in the field. Some careers have a much higher “gross out” level than others. Some people can handle this while others can’t, so it’s important to think about you own preferences when choosing your career.
  • Job opportunities. The number of jobs available for certain employees in a certain area can vary widely. In the best case, you’d want to start a career that has a shortage of qualified workers in your area. The worst case is picking a career that is already way over staffed, making it difficult to find employment.
  • Salary level. Just as some health careers require far more training that others, some pay a much higher salary. This usually correlates with the level of training required, but not entirely. If making a good wage is important to you, you should research the average salaries of different career options.

Where can you get this information? Well, unfortunately it’s not always easy to answer these questions by searching the internet. You can find general information on salaries, duties, and training requirements on, but we also recommend you broaden your search to get a complete picture of the careers you’re interested in. Here are some more ideas for learning about health careers:

  • Check local job boards and hospital websites. These sources can give you truly local information about the career opportunities in your area. If there are a significant number of job postings you can feel confident that those skills are in high demand. In some cases you’ll even be able to find exact salary figures, which are always more accurate than the averages you’ll find online.
  • Talk to real healthcare workers. Nothing beats the experience of having worked in a job, so healthcare workers are your best source of information on what a career is really like. If you meet someone who already has the career you’re considering, it’s a great opportunity to ask questions about their job satisfaction, duties, and employment opportunities. If you work in an area with a large medical facility, it shouldn’t be terribly hard to get an introduction to a person who has the job you want.

To make it easier for prospective healthcare employees to get this type of inside information, will be conducting an extensive interview series with workers in various healthcare fields. We hope that by getting this kind of in depth information we’ll be able to help you make the ideal career choice.

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