The USNews Diet Rankings are Ignorant and Harmful

US News and World Report just released their rankings of the best diets. I was curious to see what they would come up with, but after scanning a few pages it became clear that the “study” does nothing more than parrot the disaster that is conventional wisdom.

I guess this what you would expect, given that the panel of experts is stuffed with PhDs, dietitians, and nutritionists who’ve been groomed in the school of “healthy whole grains” and the extreme dangers of dietary fat. Their professional reputations depend on propagating the status quo.

The only 2 diets that I would consider using myself (the low carbs ones, Paleo and Atkins) are ranked dead last. It was noted that dieters could put themselves at risk of missing out on nutrients by shunning grains. This makes absolutely no sense, given that the Paleo diet includes plenty of vegetables which are far more nutrient rich.

The rankings do nothing more than reiterate the dietary guidelines offered by the government, which is what I would expect from such a news outlet, but it really upsets me that millions of people are going to read this and come away with the belief that low carb diets are unhealthy because they leave out grains and pump you full of deadly fat.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with basing your reviews on guidelines provided by the USDA or other government body, but when those guidelines have created a nation with alarmingly high levels of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, you are only adding to the problem.

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