Schools for Healthcare Training

Where Can You Receive Healthcare Training?

Training for various health careers is available from a variety of institutions. The career you wish to pursue and how you would like to attend classes will affect this decision. Healthcare training is primarily given by these institutions:

  • 4 year colleges and universities – These schools offer bachelors and graduate degrees that typically take 4-6 years to earn.
  • Vocational and technical schools – These schools offer programs that usually take 6 months to 2 years to complete. Students usually earn a certificate rather than a degree.
  • Community colleges – Many community offer programs similar to vocational schools. This often the most affordable option.
  • Online colleges – For some careers, it is possible to earn a degree or certificate online.
  • Hospitals and medical centers – Many health care facilities also contain schools where students can learn on site.
  • For-profit campus schools – Similar to vocational schools, for-profit colleges offer classes on numerous campuses around the country as well as online.

Other Education Websites

Allied Health Institute

Allied Health Institute is a post-secondary school that offers a variety of degree and diploma programs through distance and blended education. By utilizing the internet, students have the flexibility to earn a diploma that allows them to enter the workforce or change careers from the convenience of their home. Our virtual classrooms enable students to attend classes and communicate with instructors and classmates. On-site and remote labs provide practical, hands-on training.


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